Historical dredgers

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Acrobata Last spotted 2020
Adelaar Unknown picture gallery
Adriatico Broken up 2021 picture gallery
Alodia Last spotted 2009 picture gallery
Alpha Bay Decommissioned 2011 picture gallery
Arco Humber Broken up 2015 picture gallery
Atlantico Due Broken up 2019 picture gallery
Atlas Unknown
Beachway Broken up 2019 picture gallery
Bean 2 Unknown picture gallery
Big Boss
Blani DC 203 Decommissioned picture gallery
Castor Decommissioned picture gallery
Cornelia Broken up 2011 picture gallery
Coronaut Decommissioned picture gallery
Cristoforo Colombo February 2016
Dharti X Unknown
Dravo Costa Blanca October 2015
Eureka Converted March 2009
Flevo Last spotted 2020
Fu Long unknown
Gang Hai Jun 566 unknown
Geopotes 15 Decommissioned picture gallery
Haarlem Decommissioned September 2007
HAM 217 Decommissioned March 2005
HAM 219 Decommissioned 2008
HAM 291 Decommissioned
Hang Jun 4003 Decommissioned 2018
Hang Jun 5002 Decommissioned 2020
HB-02 Last spotted 2021
Hercules Broken up 2015
Hollandsch Diep Unknown
Ingwenya Decommissioned 2020
Jade River Decommissioned 2020
Jin Hang Jun 217 Last spotted 2014
Jin Hang Jun 219 Last spotted 2012
Jin Hang Jun 221 Broken up 2023
Jin Hang Jun 222 Broken up 2023
Jokra Unknown
Kamal XXVII Unknown
Kamal XXXIII Unknown picture gallery
Krake Unknown
Krankeloon Converted 2006 picture gallery
La Arenosa Broken up 2014
Lelystad Broken up 2023
Lourdes Unknown
M 8 picture gallery
Margrethe Fighter Broken up 2021
Maricavor Last spotted 2016
Mercurius Unknown picture gallery
Nordic Giant Seized by Russia 2022
Nordland Unknown
Oudaya Unknown
Ortelius Unknown
Pandora Unknown
Pelican Decommissioned 2018
Phoenix I Laid up 2022
Pontos C-108 Unknown
Shearwater Detained 2022
Sliedrecht 26 Laid up 2020
Sliedrecht 27 Laid up 2022 picture gallery
Sospan Unknown
Tour Hassan Unknown
Triton Broken up 2019
TSHD Vermont 170 Laid up 2013
Vlaanderen XIX Unknown
Vlaanderen XX
Volvox Iberia Broken up 2015 picture gallery
Volvox Scaldia December 2005
Waddenzee Renamed Calabar River, current status unknown
Wodan Unknown
Zeeolifant Broken up 2015 picture gallery
Zuiderklip Broken up 2013 picture gallery

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Orion  (grab dredger) November 2014
Parakeet March 2017
Rijndelta February 2015
Robert Peyronnet January 2016
Rocky April 2002
Sand Serin August 2005
Sanderus March 2014
Seaway November 2011
Sliedrecht 34 December 2010
Stad Brugge January 2011
Triton  (grab dredger) April 2009
Volvox Hollandia August 2015
WD Gateway August 2015
Wilhelm Kruger October 2004
Zeeland II April 2014