A new dredger for GIE Dragages Ports and Bordeaux Port Atlantique


On 22 December 2018, GIE Dragages Ports, Bordeaux Port Atlantique and the shipyard SOCARENAM have announced to have signed a contract for the construction of a new water injection dredger (WID) that will run on LNG.
This dredger will replace the existing grab hopper dredger (GHD) La Macqueline in the summer of 2019.

In order to carry out its mission of maintenance dredging in the navigation channels and along the quay sides, Bordeaux Port Atlantique traditionally uses two dredgers.
Until 2013, these were the trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Pierre Lefort and the GHD La Macqueline.
In that year, the Pierre Lefort was replaced by the TSHD Anita Conti.
In 2017, it was decided to replace the La Macqueline, a GHD dating from 1984, by a water injection dredger, which can assist the Anita Conti and reduce the volume of sediment that has to be transported and relocated in the estuary.

Following a European tender, GIE Dragages Ports has selected the offer of Boulogne-sur-Mer based SOCARENAM.
This project represents the first new building of a dual fuel vessel in France (besides LNG carriers).

The dual fuel engines will enable the dredger to both operate on LNG as well as on marine diesel (MGO).
According to Bordeaux Port Atlantique, the use of LNG allows a reduction in emissions of 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 80% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) as well to almost completely eliminate the emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and fine particles.
The use of LNG, in combination with the diesel electric propulsion, and the application of water injection technique, considered more suitable in the harbours of Bordeaux, will enable Bordeaux Port Atlantique to perform its dredging tasks in a manner that that will respect more the environment.

The new dredger, that will carry the name L'Ostrea, will have several features allowing it to operate efficiently, such as two azimuth thrusters, a bow thruster, dynamic positioning ad a powerful service crane.
The L'Ostrea will measure 40 x 11 metres and have a service speed of 12 kn.
The water injection pressure will be 2.5 bars.

Source: Bordeaux Port Atlantique , 22 December 2017