Dredgers in action to refloat the CSCL Indian Ocean

On 5 February 2016, dredgers have started dredging operations to enable the refloating of the grounded container vessel CSCL Indian Ocean.

The CSCL Indian Ocean was grounded on 3 February on the river Elbe near Luhesand at around 30 km from Hamburg.
Attempts to refloat it have since then been been unsuccessful.
The size of the 19,100 teu vessel makes it one of the largest containerships in the world and has prevented the lightering of cargo, with no suitably sized floating sheerlegs in the region.

The dredgers involved in the operation are the water injection dredger (WID) Njord and the backhoe dredger Razende Bol of Van Oord, the trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) Barent Zanen and Causeway of Boskalis and the WID Dhamra of DEME.

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