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HollandMT, a new equipment engineering and supply company in the international dredging industry

As per 1 February 2009, Holland Marine Technologies is active on the international dredging market as a newly established dredge equipment engineering and supply company.

HollandMTís focus is on becoming a world market leader in engineering and supply of dredge parts and systems by making use of innovative design, cost effective manufacturing & outsourcing solutions, state of the art project management and product support services.

HollandMT manages its engineering and product support services through its head office in Woerden (The Netherlands), whereas various global partnerships are in place for manufacturing and fabrication of dredge parts and systems.
To enhance the outsourcing activities with foundries, machine shops and fabrication yards, HollandMT has also opened a branch office in China.
The main task of the branch office is controlling and securing HollandMTís stringent quality standards.
As such, HollandMT will provide high quality products and services at a competitive price level.

HollandMTís experienced team of engineers and project managers are eager to meet equipment requirements from global dredging contractors. HollandMTís management has decades of solid experience in the dredge manufacturing industry, previously fulfilling various senior management and board positions at IHC Merwede and Vosta LMG.

For more Information, please contact:
Jan Willem de Wit, Holland Marine Technologies BV
Pompmolenlaan 13, 3447 GK Woerden, The Netherlands
tel† +31(0)348 416075
fax +31(0)348 410019
email: info@HollandMT.com

Source: HollandMT, February 2009