DEME and IHC Systems to build innovative TSHD simulator


On 21 August 2012, DEME granted IHC Systems an order for the further development, modelling, building and commissioning of a very advanced trailing suction hopper dredger simulator.
It will be installed in DEME’s brand-new training centre in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

In addition to the known features of IHC Systems training simulators, such as integrated dredging and sailing physics, a realistic outside view and coupling to soil mechanics models, the new simulator shall have some supplementary features, for example:

  • suitable for training of operations of TSHDs within the large DEME fleet
  • DP / DT and 3D-DTPS functionality incorporated
  • entirely integrated DEME / IHC Systems automation
  • outside view with realistic naval traffic on 55” screens additional specific DEME training novelties

Furthermore, the one-man operable control console will be of such configurationally flexibility that future extensions and alterations will not be restricted by the current location of discrete components.

The challenging order, which reflects DEME’s and IHC Systems’ long-lasting good relationships, will be executed in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands.
Commissioning will take place in Zwijndrecht in order to have the total system operational in Q4, 2013.

Source: IHC Merwede, September 2012