Royal IHC successfully launches TSHD Mahury


On 14 August, Royal IHC successfully launched the Mahury, a 1,840m3 capacity twin-screw trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), at partner shipyard MTG Dolphin Shipyard in Varna (Bulgaria).
The vessel is being built for Baggerbedrijf de Boer / Dutch Dredging, whose Managing Director C.J. van de Graaf Jr, attended the launch.

The new TSHD is Dutch Dredging's fourth IHC-built vessel, after the Lesse, the Amazone and the Albatros.
The Mahury is an upgraded version of the ALBATROS, which was delivered in 2013, and was well received by the customer.
The Mahury includes two dredging marks in its design that allows the vessel to operate at different distances from the shore, while still adhering to regulations.
The first dredging mark is for operating within 15 miles from shore, and the second within 8 miles from shore.

Dutch Dredging made the decision to invest in a new IHC-built vessel because of the company's positive experiences with the ALBATROS and IHC's quality standard and on-time delivery performance.
This project further strengthens the good relationship between the two companies and MTG Dolphin Shipyard.

The Mahury is scheduled for completion on 31 December 2015, ten weeks before the contracted date.

Additional information:

Total installed power: 2.440 kW
Hopper capacity: 1.840 m3
Loading capacity: 2.050 tons
Length: 75,0 m
Width: 13,4 m
Draught at dredging mark I: 3,5 m (dredging within 15 miles from shore)
Draught at dredging mark II: 3,8 m (dredging within 8 miles from shore)
Speed: 9,3 m
Suction pipe: 1 x 600 mm
Dredging depth: 30,0 m

Source: Royal IHC, 26 August 2015