Capital Dredging Underway in Itajai


The capital dredging work order to deepen both the turning circle and approach channels (from -11 to -14 meters) of Itajaí Port Complex has just been signed by the new Minister of Ports, Mr. Leonidas Cristino, in a ceremony in Itajai, in the presence of the State Governor and City of Itajai Mayor.
The U$32 million capital dredging investment has been allocated by the National Dredging Program (PNG).
Jan De Nul, one of the world's largest dredging groups was awarded the contract and its hopper dredger Charles Darwin of 30.500 cubic meters carrying capacity has already arrived in Itajai and will soon start operations.
The dredger is the largest and most powerful ever to operate in Brazilian waters.
The equipment is brand new and came directly from the shipyard to Itajaí Port Complex to carry out the contracted dredging operations.
Jan De Nul will also use a smaller dredger to carry out works alongside the river banks and in some other smaller and shallow areas where the hopper dredger is unable to access.

Source: Porto de Itajai, March 2011