The Maasgeul widened


Over the past months, Rijkswaterstaat (the executive arm of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), which is responsible for the main navigation channels in The Netherlands, has widened the Maasgeul by 250metres.

The Maasgeul is the maritime access channel to the port of Rotterdam and vessels with a draught of more than 14.4metres can only reach and leave the port by making use of this channel.

As a result of the widining, it is now possible to allow two-way traffic for large deep draught vessels in the Maasgeul, eliminating the need for these ships to wait for each other.
Although the widening of the Maasgeul has mainly been carried out to accommodate the expected growth in container traffic in the port of Rotterdam, it of course also benefits other kind of shipping categories, like tankers and bulk carriers.

For the widening of the Maasgeul, some 350,000m3 of material, including sand, clay and peat, has been dredged to a depth of 21metres, involving the deployment of trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) and an underwater plough.

Source: Rijkswaterstaat, 28 November 2012