VOSTA LMG signs contract with Sietas for two TSHD's of 5.500 m3


In July 2008 VOSTA LMG concluded a contract with J.J. Sietas KG, Schiffswerft GmbH & Co., Hamburg, Germany, for the construction of two Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD's) of 5.500 m3 hopper capacity each.

As VOSTA LMG´s Partner Yard, Sietas will build the two sister ships and supply them to Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft, an affiliated company of the Austrian STRABAG AG.

The first TSHD will be delivered end October 2010 followed by the second one end of January 2011.

VOSTA LMG has developed a new modular type of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, for the building of which Sietas is an ideal partner yard.
Through application of modular block building of sections and repeated use of standardized components, the building of TSHD´s with hopper volumes of approx. 4.200 m3, 5.500 m3, 7.200 m3 can be achieved without major design changes.

Source: VOSTA LMG, September 2008